Our Slutty Ancestors

A reader recently wrote to us on the topic of she and her husband’s sexual activity:

My Husband recently told me he’d like to watch me getting fucked by another man. I found a man I liked who agreed to having a complete STI screen at our expense. He was all clear and we got to fuck one another without a condom. I thought my husband might not handle it well, but it turned out he was was really into watching it all. To my surprise, he wasn’t, in fact he loved every second of it. After our guest had left, my husband and I had sex while our guest’s come was still inside of my pussy. Is this behaviour strange?

Our guest expert asserts that this is actually a very heterosexual turn-on that dates back to the origin of man’s sexuality.

“Think about it,” he says. “Why would women have evolved the capacity for slow-building multiple orgasms while males evolved the orgasmic response of minutemen accompanied by a sudden disappearance of all interest in sex?”

It has to do with all of the men and women before us and our closest primitive cousin the bonobo, and specifically how we all engaged in sex with multiple partners. The primitive pussy of our ancestors were kind of slutty. Our expert asserts that by inviting another man into the boudoir, our reader’s either consciously or subconsciously conjured up what is referred to as “sperm competition.”

Back then (and to this day in the ape world), the ancestors of women mated with the ancestors of men, while the ladies’ main squeeze waited eagerly on the sidelines, excited into massively ecstatic boners, as they waited their turn.

If you consider the free porn world and how it thrives, it isn’t a stretch to see that most humans today get aroused by watching others have sex. Even if we refuse to recognize it mentally, our bodies will tell us by a tidal wave of blood flow to our cocks and vaginas, and explosive male ejaculations.

To our reader who wrote in, you needn’t be concerned about your husband, keep it in mind that this eye candy treated him to a stronger climax in your lady funbox, and not his manly one.

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