The Demands of an Evil Ex

Breakups are rarely easy, and almost never pleasant. It doesn’t help when the person with whom things have ended compounds that by trying to make slights on your character or crazy demands to make you feel like a jerk off. We recently received a letter from a woman who has had a particularly awful experience.

My ex claims I should be required to replace the mattress on his bed, apparently because of the “awful” stench that magically appeared after he moved into a place that is more humid then his last place. He claims I created the stench when I ejaculated onto his bed. I have serious doubts that I was in any way affiliated with any horrible smell. This ex in particular has a cat who has urinated on pieces of his furniture. Added to which I have never had any other past lovers complain about any smell of mine.

Added to which, I had warned him at the time that I am a female ejaculator. He had actually become aroused by this, and caused me to ejaculate a number of times without stopping to grab a towel.

This ex has moved to the west coast (I am in Boston), but we do have shared friends in common, so it’s hard to be rid of him completely and avoid the awkwardness.

I wonder if I am morally,or even socially, obligated to pay for his new mattress. At one point I was willing to pay for half of it, but he was such a cunt to me, that now I don’t feel he deserves anything from me.

We think your ex wants you to pay for his mattress about as much as you do–which seems to be not at all.

It seems like the truth of the matter is that your douche bag ex’s demand for reparation of his soiled mattress is more likely and attempt on his part to pick a fight and sever ties with you. Then, he also gets an excuse to talk shit about you to his friends. He probably knows he is going to lose this fight, but that’s not really what he wants, whether he is aware of it or not.

Even if it were your lady jizz that caused the damage to the mattress, you wouldn’t be on the hook for it. When one adult invites another into his or her bed, that adult should be well aware that stains and soaks can happen after sexy activity takes place. Anyone who is not wiling to eat the losses of soaked mattresses and stained sheets should not fuck in their own bed.

Added to which, you advised him of the risks posed between you and the bed when you mentioned the likely result of a sexual encounter with you would be. His actions meant he definitely assumes responsibility for all activity between his stinky sheets.

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