Don’t Click That!

Have you ever sent your colleague, or even worse, your boss, an email or instant message that you immediately regretted? Here’s a story from a guy who had as much egg on his face as the girl in the video had semen on hers:

The other day, while working from home on my own computer, I was just finishing up a conversation with my boss over IM, when she asked me to send her a copy of my work for her reference. As I typed the shortcut to send her a link to my work, I realized I had accidentally pasted an old free porn video I had downloaded the night before. To my mortification, I didn’t realize my mistake until after I hit ‘enter’ and sent it to her. I’m 33, and my boss is around my age and pretty cool, so she wasn’t as likely to make a huge deal of it as some others might. As soon as I had noticed my error, I told her not to click on it and sent her the correct attachment.¬†Unfortunately, the address made the nature of the link a bit obvious.

Our workplace has a very strict sexual harassment policy and everyone is careful about being professional and respecting one another. I am completely and utterly ashamed. I’m also not sure how to respond to the situation. I feel like never bringing it up and hoping it goes away, unless she brings it up with me (or HR) herself.

We work in a very professional environment that’s careful about maintaining a respectful and harassment-free workplace. I’m horribly embarrassed and I’m not entirely sure how to handle it. I’m inclined to never speak of it again unless she does first.

While it was an innocent enough mistake, and one understandable when working from home on your own computer, it is definitely important that this guy put something in writing. Here’s what to do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation:

Send an email to your boss, and keep it brief. Let her know exactly what happened. Stress how you were working from your home computer, rather than your work one. Also, make sure you don’t actually include any words like “porn.” Mention that you will make sure it never happens again. The apologize once more.

You might still get into hot water with the Human Resources department if your boss feels offended by it. But if that does happen, you can point to the email that include your side of the story, and that you weren’t just jerking off at work.

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