Female Friends & The Jealous Girlfriend

I have quite a few female friends, which actually makes dating pretty challenging sometimes. It’s not that I’m some irresistible hunk that drives women wild. Nevertheless, when I have a girlfriend, they have a tendency to turn green with envy over my female friends. They often tend to believe if I am hanging out with a woman, I am having sex with her. If I were fooling around on her, then you would be reading something called “How Ugly Guys Manage to Trick More Than One Woman Into Fucking Him At Once.”

Lucky for them, I’m not a) successful at balancing women or b) a douchebag.  I am genuinely trying to figure out how to keep my girlfriend off my back.

Here’s something you might not hear very often: Men aren’t entirely and completely 100% about sex. Sometimes a friendship with a woman is platonic. Yes, some of my female friends are good looking, but if I’ve found someone I am serious about, I don’t really give a shit about other women. Yes, if you put a photo of some tits and ass or some other kind of free porn in front of me, I will look at them, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to fuck them.

Essentially, unless your guy is a douche bag, you should be able to talk to him about reservations or feelings of jealousy that you have. if there’s something that’s not sitting right with you, ask to meet the girl who’s making your uncomfortable. Don’t be a crazy bitch about it, but invite her over and be open to her being cool. If you still have reservations after that, don’t overreact and have an honest discussion with him about your feelings. Odds are, if he’s a good guy and isn’t generally evasive or the type to go off the grid for periods of time, he’s on the up and up and you need not worry.

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    It really makes sense, hope that you will add some more soon!

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