Seducing Your Local Lifeguard: A How To Guide

We’ve all seen Baywatch, and have permanently imprinted the iconic image of Pamela Anderson running along the beach with her big tits bouncing and her tight ass visible though her sexy red suit. Of course, there aren’t any actual beaches with women as hot as Pamela Anderson, but that’s because Pamela Anderson is the hottest woman in the world. While Baywatch certainly stereotypes female lifeguards, in reality the portrayal isn’t that far off.

As a rule, lifeguards have to be in prime shape, and swimmers have hot bodies – generally sporting broad shoulders that can hold a great set of tits, and legs so tight they could strangle a crocodile. Perhaps a more apt description would be legs that will wrap around you while you fuck the life out of the lifeguard they’re attached to, but either way, lifeguards are worth a second look.

So how to go about seducing women in one of the sexiest professions in the world? (Note: we also love women who wear power suits and give their employees foot jobs under their desks. Wait, did we see that in free porn? Oh well…) You may think that seducing a lifeguard is as easy as pretending to drown, however that’s untrue. Put yourself in a hot chick’s shoes (or tits, as the case may be): would you want to fuck a guy who couldn’t handle himself in a swimming pool? You may get mouth to mouth out of the deal but she’ll end up throwing you in the kiddie pool and telling your story over beers with some other guy later in the night.

The best approach is the hero route. Help out where you can, and if there aren’t any emergencies bring her something to keep her cool. A bottle of vitamin water is an underrated path to a woman’s heart. While you’re charming her with subtle conversation after giving her the gift of refreshment, make sure you’re topless and tanned – however don’t go this route if there’s nothing to see. A flash of your abs, kindness, and quick wit should be enough to score you some lifeguard loving – just make sure you don’t drown when she takes your dick in her mouth and brings you to the deep end.

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