Ejaculation Finishing School: Lessons In Managing Your Man Milk

When it comes down to it, women have it easy in the orgasm department. While they can cum without a care in the world, us men have to deal with the remains of our joy ride. Not only do we have to worry about the clean-up, but also take into account our partners preferences in bodily fluids. Would she swallow? Take it on the face? Would she take it at all? These are all things to keep in mind.

In order to prevent a spunk-tastic disaster, here a few tricks of the trade when it comes to ejaculating.

1. In The Vagina: When ejaculating inside your partner, make sure that she’s comfortable with the idea. For starters, unless she’s on some form of birth-control, you’ll run the risk of getting her pregnant (but you should know that already). Once you ejaculate, it is now up to her to do the clean-up. After all, it’s in her body. If some of it drips on her way to the bathroom however, don’t just lay there and expect her to clean that too.

2. In A Condom: Once you ejaculate into a condom, make sure to remove it before getting soft. You’ll run the risk of having some of it escape and getting all over the bed. Also be sure to tie the end up and wrap it in toilet paper before throwing it in the garbage. There is nothing more disgusting than finding an open, drippy condom in the bin.

3. In Her Mouth: First things first, determine if your partner is willing to swallow. Once that is out of the way, give her some sort of warning before cumming. You don’t want her to choke in surprise or end up gagging. A simple squeezing of the shoulder should suffice. No need for a big announcement or anything. Forcing a girl to swallow by holding her head down is the best way to ensure you’ll never get a blow job again.

4. On Her Ass/Tits: Most men love to let it all out on a woman’s breasts or ass. Again, make sure that she’s ok with it before blowing off your steam everywhere. Spreading it around once you’re done is a big no-no. It’s not exactly body lotion.

5. On Her Face: Also known as the porn technique. While some women may be ok with having semen on their breasts or even swallowing, cumming on her face can be an entirely different story. Some even find it to be incredibly degrading. If you do get an ‘ok’ from your partner, try to avoid the eyes and the hair. While the first can impair her vision, the later will turn into a hot mess. Think Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary.

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