Is A Three-way the Right Way?

How do you know if three-way sex is a good choice for your relationship?

One of men’s most significant fantasies across the board has been two women in a three-some. Many tend to feel let down afterward. Once the fantasy element is dashed in favor of reality. The very purpose of the fantasy is that it provides something unattainable for us to imagine us reaching; and escape from reality.

When we consider the potential fall-out of three-way fucking, for both ourselves and the potential distrust or jealousy that might arise from our partners, it can cause a bit of trepidation.

That said, nearly every straight guy on the planet will jump at the chance for a three-way. Odds are, at some point in your life, you will have a wife or girlfriend coyly put the offer on the table as a subject to ponder. As soon as this happens, most of us will start gunning to have this follow through. What we often fail to realize, however, is that so often women will use this as a tactical probe for their partner’s secret fantasies.

If you’ve got an exceptional woman, though, she will have already asked you about those directly and offered this a genuine point of discussion and possibility and an opportunity to create some free porn for one another’s imagination. If she’s more of a general-population kind of woman, she may end up using this information against you.

An important word of caution you may want to consider is the idea that for women, the notion of sharing one’s husband or boyfriend with another woman is wholly serving to please her man. Conversely, for a man, seeing his wife or girlfriend with a man other than himself can often be as traumatic as seeing her raped in his presence.

Be prepared for your woman’s response to be extreme. If she is really into it, will you be able to handle it? Even if she is into it, you can’t be sure it will not cause her to have creeping jealousy over you and another woman, and is that something you are prepared to deal with? If she is entirely opposed to it, is she the type of woman who might see this as a red flag that you are unsatisfied in the relationship and likely to cheat? Is your relationship stable enough to handle potential trust issues in the future?

Now the burning question for the both of you, is quite simply: Is it all worth it?

On the other hand, you may have an opportunity to explore a new aspect of your sexuality together. You will be able to try something together that could actually bond you further and bring you closer together. Check the current stability of your relationship and be sure to communicate as clearly as possible in order to avoid as many pitfalls as possible.

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