Dogging In Puttenham

While most people are into sex, some are ‘really’ into it. So much so, that they love nothing more than to romp out in the open in hopes of having someone catch them. For those who are unfamiliar, the official term is called “dogging”.

Apparently, ‘dogging’ is now a sport. In the small town of Puttenham, a few hours away from London, dogging has become one of their main attractions. In fact, it is considered to be the second best place to have sex in public (and be watched) in all of Europe. Who knew there was even some sort of statistic surrounding this?

In Britain, public sex is a quasi-legal activity. The only way you could get into trouble is by getting caught by someone who finds it offensive and who would be willing to get out of their way to report it. Despite that, the people of Puttenham have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of sexual acts going on in their quaint town. An article on The Times read, “So popular is the woodsy field below the ridge as a spot for gay sex (mostly during the day) and heterosexual sex (mostly at night) that the police have designated it a ‘public sex environment'”. Many locals tell stories of naked men, who casually emerge from shrubs and claim to be picking berries and nuts. Now that must be an eye sore. Another resident was surrounded by a crowd of naked men when he stopped for a quick wee in the bushes. Something you definitely don’t expect when trying to take a tinkle on the side of the road – it’s basically free porn!

Now, I’m not here to judge and say that it’s wrong to have sex in public; but having to face a crowd of naked ‘dogging’ enthusiast when going out for a morning coffee is less than attractive. While public sex can be quite a bit fun, having strangers watching over me while I get it on in the bushes is just not going to happen. I wish all of the residents of Puttenham the very best of luck.

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