The Most Impressive Sexual World Records

While most men like to believe they are personally responsible for many of the world’s sexual records; the actual numbers will prove them to be a lot easier said than done. Here’s are some of the most groundbreaking:

1. Highest Amount Of Semen Swallowed: Michelle Monahan – an LA native – beat out the world record after swallowing 1.7 pints of semen. Before thinking this was some sort of big accomplishment, know that she subsequently had to get her stomach pumped. Who knew you could get semen poisoning?

2. Biggest Orgy: In Japan, 250 couples joined forces to beat out the world record for the biggest orgy. For some reason the mental picture makes me sick to my stomach. There are just too many penises and vaginas for one person to handle.

3. Longest Ejaculation: In what could soon become an Olympic sport, the world record for longest ejaculation lies at a whopping 18 feet and 9 inches. I wonder how long this poor dude had to hold off in order to build this much stamina.

4. Most Orgasms: Believe it or not, but some lucky woman managed to have 134 orgasms within an hour. That’s a whole lot of pleasure. The record for men lies at only 16 orgasms per hour. Pathetic.

5. Longest Orgasm: While on the topic of orgasms, a study conducted in 1966 recorded a woman who had an orgasm for 43 seconds with about 25 contractions – impressive.

6. Most Sex Partners: You’ll never call anyone a slut again. In 2004, Lisa Sparxxx managed to have sex with 919 men in one day. Sure, she’s a porn star – but still.

7. Strongest Pussy: A 42 year-old Russian lady by the name of Tatiana Kozhevnikova can proudly claim her status of having the worlds strongest pussy. She is capable of lifting 31 pounds with her vagina. But please don’t try this at home.

8. Longest Jack-Off Session: Masanobu Sato broke the world record for longest masturbation session after jacking off for 9 hours and 58 minutes. That’s a whole lot of free porn.

9. World’s Largest Penis: You’ll never brag about the size of your dick again. The world’s largest penis belongs to Jonah Falcon who carries 13.5 inches (or 34 centimeters) in his trousers everyday.

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