Sex Or Dog Toy?

With such a vast selection of sex toys on the market, it was only a matter of time before it became next to impossible to tell the difference between what was intended for your pooch and what should be going up your ass. A quick trip to your local pet shop will leave you wondering when they ever started to sell butt plugs and double dildos.

Regardless, these dog toys will likely bring out some of your dirtiest thoughts; whether you like it or not. Below we list of the best examples of the blurry line between sex and pooch play things.

1. The Rubber Foot – If your dog is a notorious foot biter, this rubber foot (red nails and all) will ensure he satisfies his craving without biting you in the process. Alternately, if you have an insatiable foot fetish and no partner to fulfill it, consider this dog toy your new best friend. Lick it, bite it, whatever strikes your fancy. A rubber foot is not capable of judgement.

2. The Boomerang – These sturdy rubber boomerangs will ensure hours of fun at the park for both you and your pooch. If your dog needs a bit of exercise, a boomerang is always a great choice. For those into double penetration this is also a great choice. Something to consider.

3. The Caterpillar – If your dog likes to play around with small animals or dig up insects in the garden, this caterpillar will make for a good substitution. Cute and wiggly, your dog will be entertained for hours. For those into butt plugs, what better way to satisfy your ass fetish than with this pleasurable – and cute – device?

4. Rubber Links – Perfect for tossing around in the backward, these rubberized links make for a great game of catch. They can also be used as cock rings, but that’s just me.

5. Heart Leash – This leash would make a great Valentine’s Day gift for your pooch. If you’re into kinky sex you could also strap it onto your partners neck and walk them around like an animal. Whatever strikes your fancy.

6. The Spike Ball – A gum massager for your pooch? Or some sort of asshole-intended toy? You be the judge.

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