Safe Sext

In this day and age of constantly evolving technology, etiquette is something a few of us may need some help with. Here are some of our top tips on safe sexting:

Don’t type what you can’t say

Texting and email have made it easy for us to unleash our bold inner selves when we communicate. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to never type what you wouldn’t say. Be discreet because you never know what will come back to bite you in the ass down the line. You might even say something in a moment of passion that you wouldn’t normally put in writing. If you have any doubt, leave it out.

Make sure she wants to hear it

Just like when you approach women in real life, it is a good idea to first ascertain if she is keen to hear from you? Just because she gave you her number, doesn’t mean she wants you to sext her up at your earliest convenience. Begin with a casual flirtation to see if she’s into you. If she is, you can gradually build up from there. It’s a good idea not to sext someone you haven’t first fucked in person at least once beforehand. After that, it’s a pretty safe assumption that she wouldn’t mind the odd sexy note from you since she already got freaky in between your sheets.

Don’t Send Pictures

While you might appreciate little free porn sent your way, women are much more cerebral than men, who are more visual. This means it’s better to tell her what you will do with and to her when you get to see her again. This will be much more titillating and exciting for a woman than sending a crotch shot. Let her in on your fantasies about her and what the two of you would do. You’ll have her blushing at the sight of your name in her inbox. Her imagination will run wild until she sees you again.

If You Do Send a Photo…

If you’re at a loss for words but still want to send her something to get her motor running, send a full body shot. Photos of her tits or pussy are more likely to get you off, whereas a cock shot from you might actually illicit a laugh or discomfort. Women are not as into singular body parts as men are. Don’t just send a photo of your cock, send a whole photo of you. Cheeky, and mildly arrogant photos are always a good bet as well.

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