Feeling Hairy? Consider a Brozillian

With the rise of the Brazilian wax, a more dubious dupe has suddenly hit the market, the Brozillian. That’s right. It’s exactly what you think it is. Also known as a Manzillian, the process involves waxing all of the hair surrounding a man’s penis, balls and all.

Perhaps the biggest question to ask is, why? For starters, going bald down under has been known to increase sensitivity. This is the one case where less cushion for the pushing actually applies. And while I have yet to come across one, some men claim women are actually into a bald nut sack. Go figure.

Brozillian waxes are often performed by the same estheticians who buff muffs. In case you’re worried, make sure to ask for the not-so-attractive ones, you don’t want to run the risk of getting a boner mid-wax. Not to mention that any sort of movement down there could turn deadly. When getting your balls waxed, remember this: keep calm and don’t make any sudden movements. You don’t want to up end like like Steve Carrel in 40 Year-Old Virgin. Little droplets of blood around your crotch area will ensure you never get laid again.

While going bald can provide you with some benefits – like your girl not coming across any stray pubes while giving you a blow job – others might gasp in horror upon discovering you look like a prepubescent tween. Alternately, it could also make your shlong look seriously porn-worthy. Think about it, less hair, more exposed flesh. All things to take into consideration.

If you ask me, I think penises should be left alone. Ripping off the hairs surrounding my balls sounds like a sure-fire way of losing fertility points. But that’s just me. Why treat it like a work of art when we call it our ‘junk’?

Oh, and by the way, keep in mind that a Brozillian also involves waxing the hair in between your butt cheeks – as if the balls weren’t enough. Maybe now you’ll start appreciating your girlfriends regular wax appointments a little more. Pube removal is not all fun and games boys & girls.

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