Going To Brown Town: Anal Sex Goes Mainstream

If you needed an excuse to get your girlfriend into anal sex, here it is: according to a national sex study, women are more into anal than ever before.

Release the confetti!

The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, revealed that a whopping 46% of women admitted to having anal sex. In 1992, this percentage was a mere 33%. Considering these findings are coming straight from the source, it is safe to assume that anal is the new oral.

One can’t help but wonder what is leading women into taking it from the back door. When analyzing previous studies, it is interesting to note that many of the ladies who had anal sex were also having vaginal intercourse, oral sex and engaging in partnered masturbation. With so much variety, it is clear that orgasms were prevalent. And with such abundance of orgasms, comes more willingness to try something new. Enter anal sex.

Another interesting point comes from the amount of orgasms reached through different methods. Amongst women who had vaginal sex, only 65% were capable of reaching an orgasm. In oral sex, 81%. And for those who ventured into anal sex? An astounding 94%.

Suddenly everything becomes clear.

So, could anal sex be the newest sex trend? Despite popular belief, not every man is jumping at the chance to fuck a girl from behind. In all honesty, I’m one of those people that think the anus is meant for one thing, and one thing only: poop. If you want to run the risk of venturing into the mysterious asshole, be my guest. They don’t call it ‘driving the Hershey highway’ for nothing.

For those curious troopers out there, consider a few of the most common anal sex tips. Start by getting some lube (and tons of it), and ease your way in with a finger or two. Once relaxed, go in for the kill; but remember, slow and steady wins the race. If at the end you find yourself as part of the 94% orgasm statistic, rush back here and let me know how it went. For those who failed, please do the same. Anal stories are always entertaining. In a disturbing sort of way – but entertaining nonetheless.

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