This One’s For the Ladies…

It has been widely reported that most, if not all men, use pornography in some form. But what about the ladies? it’s a popular opinion that porn for women doesn’t carry the same value for women sexually. While men tend to be more visual creatures, women are more kinetic and require physical touch and mental stimuli So while men have this extra outlet for our sexuality outside of our relationships, what can we do to balance porn the scales for our vagina’d friends?

Well, for a start, there are the vibrators. We feel just as threatened by their funny little buzzers as they claim to regarding porn. We wonder if our cocks aren’t enough and they wonder if their tits aren’t perky enough. Added to which, we conceal both the dirty magazines and our internet history, with just as much fervor as they do with their dildos and other contraptions.

Some have claimed that the Romantic Comedy, or even the Romance Novel are the type of indulgence women escape with. It’s not without merit, but it fails to consider the actual sexuality of women.

It is also worth mentioning that there is a notable sort of revolution taking over the porn industry. Porn for women is a major market now and growing rapidly. As it turns out, 1 in 3 internet porn users is a lady. If you check your local porn section of the woman-owned sex shop in your city, you may be surprised to discover a barrage of cinematic glory for the fairer sex. There are also websites that cater to women with the sort of sexytime stories that fulfill the mental stimulus that a lot of porn lacks and often leaves a pussy drier than the last pretzel at an old tavern.

All that said, porn is and will likely remain a male-dominated industry. The scales continue to balance out, though. Next time your woman gives you a hard time about the hustler mag under your mattress, remind her of the magic bullet buzzing under her pillow and the copy of The Sweetest Thing she’s got on top of her television.

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