Loud Lover

If you live with roommates and happen to have a lover who screams throughout sex like a porn star, you might be faced with some potentially embarrassing moments. Included in those might be the conversation with your roommate(s); or possibly awkward avoidance of, the big pink elephant with a screaming orgasm in the room. The other one being the one you might need to have with her.

It’s easier for some of us to draw out a quiet sexual partner. We can turn it into a sexy game and get some action out of her. Telling someone they’re too loud though, risks hampering their enjoyment, rather than increasing it (as the former is more likely to).

At some point though, if you’ve tried everything from playing the “quiet game” (forced quiet sex if someone is in the next room can be justifiably sexy), then you need to have a talk with her. This behavior is now limiting your enjoyment of your fucking her. You will, if you haven’t already, reach a point where you need to have a conversation, or it will damage your relationship. There is also a different between a few loud screams or shouts as she comes, going on and on throughout is inconsiderate and not acceptable. Your roommate and neighbors can get over a yelp or two, if not they’re ridiculous. But an excessive amount of noise, is just that–excessive.

Tell your lover that if you had a great big house in the middle of nowhere, you would love it if she screamed her head off while you go down on her. But you have a roommate and you are in a city and there are people who lives all around you within earshot. You have a responsibility to your neighbors and right for yourself to ask her to keep it down. If she throws a fit or can’t handle your request, it’s time to cut her loose and move on to the next, more respectable, one. And then somewhere in the future, you and your roommate can have a good laugh about the time you brought “Old yeller” home.

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