Revealing (And Obvious) Sex Study Revelations

Researches at Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion have conducted what has proven to be the biggest American sex survey in over sixteen years. After studying the sexual behaviors of over 5,865 people between 14 and 94 years-old, researches have come up with some pretty revealing facts on the art of fucking. Here are some standouts:

1. Orgasm Misconceptions – Though this doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise; while 85 percent of men assumed their partners achieved an orgasm in their last “sesh”, only 64 percent of women actually attested to it. The conclusion? Women are still pro’s when it comes to faking it. Men, on the other hand, are still over-confident dweebs.

2. Teens Are Finally Using Condoms – Perhaps all of those cheesy STD-prevention ads finally managed to scare our youth into wearing jimmy hats. Out of teenage boys aged 14 to 17, a whopping 79 percent claimed to use protection. Generally speaking, 61 percent of teenagers use condoms. I guess the kids are alright after all.

3. Old White Men Are Idiots – People of Hispanic and African-American heritage are more likely to use condoms than their white counterparts. White men over 50 where ranked the lowest when it came to having protected sex. What’s wrong grampas of the world? Nobody is too old to catch gonorrhea.

4. Women Like Their Options – Also quite non-groundbreaking, men are a lot more likely to reach an orgasm through vaginal sex than women. A ladies’ best bet still lies within oral sex. Shocker.

5. Sex Has Gotten Wilder – Blame it on the free porn, but researchers have discovered that people can engage in up to 41 different sex combinations in their lifetime. Go ahead, I dare you try them all.

6. “Gay” Sex Is Becoming Commonplace: Despite not necessarily identifying themselves as “gay”, more and more people are trying out same-sex romping. Curiosity or denial? I’m sure it’s a bit of both.

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