Long Time Coming

The lesser known evil of male ejaculation is that some of us struggle with taking a long time to come. So what are some possible reasons and solutions to this issue? Often in couples, we tend to get into a routine and with that, boredom can grow. After spending a while, as in more than ten minutes or so, fucking in one position without getting off, it’s time to try another position.

Get yourself out of missionary, try doggy style, try her on top, her on her side with a leg thrown over while you come in at an angle. Your dick, especially the head, is the pleasure receptor for your body. Different women might mean different positions will work and won’t work. There are lots of different shaped pussies. What worked with one woman may not work with the next. Even with the same women, you may find yourself having to start from scratch after the thing that send you into convulsive pleasure previously, may leave you cold on another occasion.

If boredom isn’t your issue, and you’ve tried everything, you may want to try refraining from masturbating. It could be a firm grip on your cock when you jerk off that is causing you problems. A pussy and sometimes even an asshole may not be able to live up to the tightness of your grip. Lay off jerking it, cold turkey, for a month or so. Give your body a chance to adjust it’s sensitivity to your woman’s hands, butt, mouth and pussy, save your free porn for another time, and let nature take it’s course.

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