‘Vajazzling’ Brings Some Ed Hardy Flare To Your Privates

What do you get when you cross Ed Hardy and a waxed vagina? Only the newest trend in vaginal grooming, the appropriately titled “Vajazzle”. Yes, it’s a mix of ‘vagina’ and ‘dazzle’ – quite clever, isn’t it? It seems that just about everybody is hopping on the vajazzled vagina trend; and with Jersey Shore being such a bit hit, this comes as no surprise.

So how does one go about vajazzling their privates – you ask? First of all, one must start with a blank canvas, and the only way to go about that is through a good old Brazilian wax. Also called a “full bikini wax”, the Brazilian involves waxing every last bit of hair in the pelvic area – front and back. Once bare and ready to go, your pubic area then gets plastered with Swarovski crystals that are glued onto the skin for maximum longevity. Much like vaginal stencils (and we have covered that in a previous article, if interested) you can chose from a variety of designs to match your stellar personality. For a mere $115, you too can have a vagina that screams “I’m a tacky slut and I don’t care who knows it!”. Though remember, it only lasts five days.

It is rumored that wannabe A-lister Jennifer Love Hewitt started the trend upon confessing to her vajazzling ways on the George Lopez show. The Kardashians are said to have followed suit – but are you really surprised?

From the au naturel norm of the sixties, to the classic Playboy landing-strip, it is hard to think of where vaginal grooming trends will take us next. Should we expect outlandish works of art adorning our privates? Or perhaps vajazzling will becoming a new fetish for porn enthusiasts everywhere. I can see it already, “Vajazzling: Girls On Girls”. A porn series where girls play “arts & crafts” and vajazzle each others’ pussies while gossiping. Here’s to hoping.

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