The Secret Ingredient Your Salad’s Been Missing…

Tossing the salad. Rimming, analingus, ass licking. This is a very divisive topic. Some people love having it done or giving it out; others find the idea repulsive. Who even got the idea to do this in the first place? Surely some dirty website, right?

As a matter of fact, it turns out rather than porn, was none other than good old fashioned prison! Most of us are familiar with the old line “Don’t drop the soap!” to weaker inmates during shower time; for fear of having some big bully’s cock shoved up the ass when he’s bending to pick it up and gets a surprise. As it turns out, the reverse, when a big scary butch guy bends over, it’s time to pour some dressing on his anus and lick away!

I wonder which would be worse? A violent sans-lube surprise up the back-pussy, or being forced to lick a potentially health-hazardous hairy asshole. Tough call.

In any event, this act has translated into something more voluntary and enjoyable for some. I recall the squirmish, reluctant delight of a young lady I had been fucking, as I tried this on who had never experienced it before. She was surprised at first and jumped up a little, before relaxing as I moved away from the area. She later told me she enjoyed the feeling, and invited me to try it again later. I happily obliged. I understand though, that this is not for everyone. I certainly wouldn’t fancy ponying up to a big piece of hairy convict ass. And while many may feel okay about applying their tongue to a nice tought lady’s bum, men and women alike tend to recoil at male ass for it’s reputation for being not quite so fresh and appetizing.

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