Pamela vs Palmela

Porn is a many splendoured thing. We know you love it. Why else would you be here? One thing to be careful with, however, is making sure watching sex doesn’t interfere with your actual sex life. You don’t want to hear your girlfriend complaining to you that she feels like your other right hand. It is not unhealthy to include one another in your fantasies, and mutual or shared masturbation can be a fulfilling alternative to your regular sexual reportoire. Many would argue that this is also, in fact, quite sexy. That said, it is very important to establish boundaries in the bedroom as well as in your relationship. You can choose to incorporate porn into your sex life, or include sex in your porn. Be very careful, however, to be forthcoming about your intentions and give her the opportunity to opt in or out.

If you choose to approach sessions with porn as sex, be sure to keep your primary focus on your partner, with the porn a fixture in the background. Should your partner be willing to involve herself with your masturbation, then the porn can be the main focus while she helps drain your balls by jerking off your cock. Most women love to help, you just have to ask them.

Before you try anything like the latter option, make extra sure she is aware that you are not having sex, she is just along for the ride. If she can accept this, then you’re golden. If not, perhaps try removing porn from the picture of the two of you all together. Just watch porn on your own for a while, and let her feel comfortable and grow confident with your focus and dedication to her when you fuck around.

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