The Blamer

Most of us have met the type, the kind of partner who makes up for his or her misgivings by shifting responsibility onto previous sexual relationships. One who masks being an ungiving lover by blaming their history. This is gigantic red flag.

They become controlling and get offended at things like waking up in the middle of the night and jerking off to get yourself back to sleep, because one time they had a partner who wouldn’t be interested in fucking and would masturbate instead. Od they will blame not going down on you on some hippie they dated who never showered. As a result they are constantly reminded of the nasty smelly zone they were traumatized with, even though you groom and clean yourself down there daily.

All this, and yet, you blow him or eat her pussy twice a day, you’re kinky, you’re into acting out your favorite porn videos, and you want to have great sex on a regular basis. They aren’t generous or giving, rather, they insist on having their needs met, but unwilling to meet yours. They could write a book on all the excuses past lovers have passed onto them.

If your partner is doing this now about sex; soon enough it will start with come finances, career, children. If you stay with this person forever, you will be to blame for everything because they can’t blame previous partners for all of these new things. It is a very telling sign when someone won’t take responsibility.

Know that what this person wants is not a real relationship. They want someone they can control and dictate the parameters of their partner’s sexual expression and limit it. This so-called lover of yours is controlling and domineering in an unfair and unsexy way. He or she will continue to impose new limits if you continue to let them get away with it. No matter how nice every other part of the relationship is, this will get worse. It’s hard to dump people who are wonderful 80% of the time and a total nightmare the other 20%, especially if there is an indication that this is going to grow as these situations tend to.

Every person who wants to be in a relationship, has to arrive at that relationship in a reasonably healthy condition. Everyone has baggage, but excessive codependent or manipulative behavior is not something you should be forced to deal with. Imagine what this person will say abbot you after you dump them. And then, realize that you don’t want to be with someone like that, and do it anyway. These people do this to themselves (just like the Radiohead song “Just”) and will never take responsibility for it unless they realize they have to. Perhaps letting this one go will help them get there, perhaps it won’t. But don’t stick around to find out. Fuck him, or rather, stop fucking him. Get rid of the loser and find someone better.

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