Today’s Skinniest Celebs: Sexy or Scary?

The 2000’s have been the decade of skinny (please note: we’re still in the 2000’s, the decade will end at the end of this year). With the rise of plastic surgery and Botox, Hollywood is obsessed with body image more than ever before, and many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to carry the bane of the emaciated and famished. Let’s take a look at 4 of today’s skinniest celebs.

Lindsay Lohan has fluctuated from skinny to curvy and back again so many times we’ve lost count. Not only that, but it’s hard to understand why Lindsay wants to look like a bag of bones since she’s one of the hottest women in the world when she’s carrying a little bit of weight. Big sexy tits? Check. Nice fuckable ass? Check. Gorgeous freckled skin? Check. Need we say more?

Mary-Kate Olsen has looked like a monkey skeleton for years. In public, she hides it by wearing baggy clothes, and is often mistaken for an orphaned child. Hence the term hobo chic – which shouldn’t be embraced by anyone. Perhaps we should call Uncle Jesse from Full House for an intervention.

Keira Knightley insists that she eats, and that she’s at her ideal body weight. It’s hard to believe such a thing considering we can see through her. Yes, she’s hot and probably one hell of a fuck, but at what price? At some point you have to stop sucking ice cubes and sit your ass down at the buffet table that is life. Join us Keira – you were anorexic 15 pounds ago.

Mischa Barton has lost a lot of weight since the days she was a star on the hit television series The OC. Her transformation has been so noticeable that we’ve dubbed it “Mischa’s quest to reclaim her birthweight”. Joking aside, we hear Mischa is a bit of a bad girl, and we’d like to see what she could do on her knees in the bedroom, but who wants to have sex with the disappearing woman? Not us. We deem all four of today’s featured celebrities scary.

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