Weddings: A Pick-Up Potpourri For Men Of All Ages

It’s an age old question: should you attend a wedding with a date or go stag? When this question is posed, there are two frames of mind: 1) If you don’t know a whole lot of people at the wedding you’re attending, a date can provide company and a steady dance partner, as weddings can get awfully boring, or 2) A date will cock block you and it’s better to attend such things alone and looking for action. Clearly, it should be no secret which option is tailored to single men everywhere: man up and hit the wedding stag, and snag a porn ready bridesmaid in the process.

Women are of the sensitive variety. This must be established as a fact in order to explain why weddings are the ideal environment for one-night stands, and have prompted even the most straight-laced women to lust after a groomsmen’s cock. Marriage brings fear out in everyone – fear of commitment, fear of failure, but mostly fear of ending up alone. This is all it takes to reduce ordinarily conservative bridesmaids to their skanky equivalents, and turn your night into a good one.

If you take my initial advice and show up stag, make sure you bring a talking point. For example, I once attended a Scottish wedding in a kilt, and was asked if I was wearing underwear several times. Needless to say, I ended up fucking a curious cougar in a basement washroom between dinner and desert.

It’s not only a prop that’s needed however, it’s also perspective. Remember that everyone else who’s attending the same wedding is on the hunt for hotties as well. So, have a few martini’s and lower your standards a little bit. It’s a mistake to pick the hottest bridesmaid and attempt to hit on her – look for a lonely member of the audience and talk beauty – much the way a poet would serenade a Grecian urn. This strategy is nearly failproof, and works at least two thirds of the time based on my extensive research.

Use these tips wisely and remember, you’re not getting laid if you’re not going stag. Good luck hombre!

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  1. yanshimkim Says:

    As usual, awesome!

  2. ghostsrock Says:

    Ya those places have some horny bitches.

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