The New Gay: A Brief Look at Open Relationships

There is a new closet couples are coming out of lately; the open one. Many couples are opting to open the door on their relationships, from a crack to flying off it’s hinges. But wait– before you even think about notifying the blogosphere of your new status, you and your partner want to make sure you go over things with a fine tooth comb. Great, you’ve decided to try something new. Now, how are you going to set this up?

Firstly, openness doesn’t mean anything goes. It’s important for each partner to find a way to approach it where it feels safe. Both parties need to come to an agreement about what is and is not allowed. It’s also a good idea to allow veto power to both over a third person, who that is, and what’s going to happen. All of this works to protect the privacy of the relationship. The third party has to know they’re a sex toy, if that’s how you see them. However, you must of course treat them like a human being. You can’t just order them up, unless you’re hiring a prostitute to make some free porn for the two of your to watch later.

A common issue with thirds is that one partner will feel threatened by them. It is actually a good idea to approach this as though it could be threatening if it’s not controlled. Occasional outside contact can mean the beginning of the end of the relationship. You may want to limit your interaction outside of sex play to online contact because you don’t want to run into them in your regular social lives.

On the other hand, some couples opt to include close friends of whom either of you would be interested in and might have dated if either partner were single. They might also include beloved exes if the other partner is secure enough in the relationship.

In any case, it’s integrally important to set up ground rules; for example “no fucking anybody else: that’s just for me”. You will also want to revisit those rules. Rules may become more liberal or more conservative as the relationship progresses. It’s up to you to determine what you’re both comfortable. Have regular updates with one another as to how you’re feeling about the format of your current set-up, and strive to ensure both primary partners are satisfied. Make sure you’re both digging the situation, and fuck what anyone else thinks.

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