Top 10 Tips for Getting Laid

There’s really no magic pick up line or fancy cologne that will make you instantly irresistible to women. If you’re looking for a hookup for the night or a relationship, here are our top ten tips for getting’ some:

1) Adjust Your Presentation: How you carry yourself and your personal hygiene is the most important part of meeting women.

2) Ask for Help: Go to friends and family, ask them what you’re doing wrong, ask them to please be honest, and be cruel, and not to protect you. Hearing harsh words about yourself will be less painful than being denied pussy. which might be; take a bath, change your clothes, stop acting like a serial killer, get out of your mom’s basement, put the comic books down, get away from the video games. You may need to make some changes that will make yourself more attractive.

3) Be Realistic: You are not automatically entitled to the hottest chick in the room. Play within your range. There are women out there who will fuck you if you’re willing to fuck them. You may not get to date Miss Universe, but you might get Miss cute local video store clerk.

4) Make Eye Contact: This gives her an indication that you are listening to what she’s telling you about and you are interested. Don’t give her a creepy stare, but keep focussed on her.

5) Have a Sense of Humour: Don’t take yourself to seriously. Don’t put yourself down, be confident but not arrogant. Don’t try to be funny if you know you’re not, but keep things light until she opens up a bit. If you can make a woman laugh, she will be putty in your hands – and then you can fuck her like a porn star.

6) Give her your full attention: Ask her specific questions. Don’t be distracted by other things, if you can create a cocoon-like environment she will feel more like opening up. Use her name in conversation (but not excessively). When she tells you about herself, ask her specific questions based on what she’s telling you. If she loves skiing, ask her to tell you about her favorite trip and respond to what she tells you.

7) Flirt: Create tension by asking her questions about her favourite activities, her life, her passion. Compliment her on specific things like a part of her outfit, her hair or something you notice about her that isn’t rude. Draw out of her the things that get her excited to talk about.

8) Look for signals: She will let you know with her body language whether she wants to keep talking to you and give you openings for you to touch her arm or her leg.

9) Touch her, the right way: Find an excuse to brush up next to her hand or arm, to touch her hair. If you feel confident, try touching her back, waist or leg. But keep in mind if you’ re not sure she’s keen, this can be offensive and may put her off you completely. It’s risky so play it safe at first if you’re not sure.

10) Be assertive, but not pushy: Once you’ve laid the groundwork and she is comfortable with you, she will let you know by responding with more open body language. Ask if she’d like to change locations. If you’re in a bar, blame the noise; ask if you can go somewhere where you can talk more comfortably, or get a bite to eat, don’t be too forward and ask her to your apartment, unless she’s giving you a strong impression that she wants to. If she goes with you, she digs you! You are well on your way to sex town!

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