Have Sex in Style With The Latest In Pubic Hair Trends

While you constantly hear about what’s new and “happening” in terms of the latest hairstyles; pubic hair doesn’t get nearly as much love. And why should it? It’s rarely seen and surrounds our genitalia – not the most attractive concept in the world.

While the sixties and seventies were all about keeping the bush au naturel; the postmodern age allows us to pick and choose from a variety of styles. Whether you’re into a stenciled crotch or would rather bare it all, there’s a pubic hair style out there for you. Here are a few popular choices:

1. The Triangle – Also known as “The Dorito”, the triangle is essentially just that. To determine whether you are more of a right triangle or an isosceles, simply analyze your body shape and wax (or trim) accordingly.

2. The Landing Strip – A classic style that will ensure you are always on trend. This cut allows you to keep your privates tidy without looking like a pre-pubescent teen. Simply keep a thin strip down the middle and remove everything else.

3. The Brazilian – If men had their way, most women would have a “Brazilian”. Sure, you’ll look like a child, but at least it’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, all the porn stars are doing it. Like they say, “bare is beautiful”. Or some crap like that.

4. The Heart/Star/Lightning Bold – With advancements in science, pubic hair stencils are now a possibility. Ok, perhaps it has nothing to do with science, but turning your pubes into a hairy star is pretty cool. Or maybe just hilarious.

5. The Arrow – For clueless sex partners everywhere, the arrow makes it easier than ever to point out – quite literaly – what you want and where.

6. The Gaussian – Also called “the bell”, this daring style consists of shaving everything off, while keeping a bell-shaped tuft in the middle of your pelvis. While not the most attractive of styles, it is certainly unique.

7. The Cockhawk – Much like a female “landing strip”, this style involves leaving a slightly wider stripe down the middle while shaving off the sides. Just like a real-life mohawk. It’s also known to make your dick look bigger. You know, less beating around the bush.

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