The Etiquette of Finding a Third

Whether it’s cuckolding or a good old fashioned threesome, there is a fatal error many couples run into when looking for a third.

Something people generally do wrong when they are looking for a third is a lot of people will say “sometime when we’re out of town, we’ll go out and find somebody, but it has to be somebody we don’t know and we’ll never see again.”

Inevitably, they’ll be in a desperate rush to find that third person, because this is the only opportunity they’re ever allowing themselves to do it. They’ll present themselves to a potential third in a way that’s pretty desperate. They will also come across like they want that person to magically appear and then just as magically disappear (because they do want that). They don’t want to engage with that person, or treat them like a human being. Especially in the case of a long-term couple, they don’t want to risk an emotional entanglement, because it’s non-threatening to avoid such a thing and look for something that’s out of free porn instead.

Nobody wants to be treated like a box of tissues that can be picked up and used and thrown away on the way out of town. Their sense of urgency and expediency and will communicate that the third party is disposable, and it will most likely turn them off, and rightly so.

People who are interested in finding a third need to be aware that people who want to be brought in for one night only and just as quickly shown the door, usually charge for that kind of service. If they want that kind of anonymity where the person magically appears with a phone call and disappears when it’s done, they need to call a professional, and leave most other people who want consideration for their emotions alone. There is no magic pool of willing thirds who come roaring in and out.

It’s a beginner’s mistake that a lot of couples make. Hopefully, after getting told to fuck off enough times, they will come around and learn from experience to look for someone they have some sort of relationship with or they will build one with someone.

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