Sex Stats That Might Surprise You

Sex researchers have come a long way in analyzing our sex lives and behaviors through hundreds of different criteria. Without them, we’d be just a bunch of dudes jacking off to free porn while knowing nothing behind what really goes on during “sexy time”. Here is a breakdown into five different areas where sex is most definitely concerned.

1. The Brain – Despite the myth that all men think about sex all day, everyday, research points to a whole different statistic. The Kinsey Report (a study of sexual behavior in human males) states that only 54% of men think about sex on a daily basis; 43% a couple of times a week (or month) and 4% do it less than once a month.

2. Lack of Sex – The common assumption that married men have less sex may not be such a stretch after all. A German study shows that as soon as women feel stable in a relationship, their sex drive drastically decreases. After four years, less than half of the women polled were interested in regular sex and after twenty years, only 20%. Perhaps it pays off to act like a dick and keep your woman on her toes.

3. Size Matters – The Journal of Urology states that the average penis is 5.08 inches, the Internation Journal of Impotence Research places it at 5.35 – but does size really matter? The problem in answering that question comes down to how unreliable these studies actually are. Ask any man to tell you how big his package is and chances are he will round up. The only thing we can safely conclude is that it’s not so much about the size but how you use it.

2. The Return of HIV – Despite claims by Surgeon General C. Everett Koop calling AIDS “the biggest threat to health this nation has ever faced.” It turns out HIV is not as easily contracted amongst heterosexual couples. The odds of a straight man getting HIV from unprotected sex is about one in 5 million. Having protected sex ups that to one in 50 million. Despite it being easier for a man to infect a women, the chances of infection through an HIV-positive man to a woman is about 1 in 1,000.

1. Sex That Lasts – Watching any porn flick would make you think we can fuck for hours. Truth is, male porn stars cum so much that it becomes a lot easier for them to “hold it in”. Research shows that your average sex session will rarely last more than ten minutes. A sad, but truthful reality.

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