Bizarre Sex Toys

When dildos and butt plugs simply won’t suffice, there are plenty of other lesser-known sex toys to chose from. Whether you’re into kinky lap pillows or body sacks, there’s a sex toy for you. Here are some of the most bizarre on the market:

1. RealDolls: The RealDoll is a life-size, realistic version of a blow-up doll. It features a PVC skeleton, steel joints and silicone flesh, making for an extremely life-like human body simulation. Each doll is 100% customizable, which means you are free to explore your fantasies and create the “girlfriend” of your dreams. Before placing an order, keep in mind that prices start at US$6,500 and can go up to US$10,000, for some models.

2. Artificial Hymen: This bizarre “sex toy” – if you can call it that – was developed by Gigimondo and features a plastic bag filled with fake blood. It could come in handy if you are trying to fake your virginity, or if you simply want to re-create your first time.

3. The Obama Dildo: With your choice between “Presidential Gold” or “Democratic Blue”, this “Head O State” sex toy is sure to please those who fantasize over being the next Monica Lewinski. Wether or not it was modeled over the real thing is yet to be determined.

4. Full Body Binder Sack: If being wrapped up like a Christmas gift is your idea of a good time, consider this hooded spandex body bag. According to its makers website “it is so comfortable, you could spend an entire night in it”. Though we must wonder who would actually submit themselves to such a thing.

5. Hizamakura’s Lap Pillow: Unlike your average head rest, these pillows are shaped like a woman’s lap. Now you can rest in style while at the office or on public transit! For a mere $142, you too can look like a lonely sex offender.

6. Cup Nude: Coincidently resembling a Cup Noodle, erm…cup; this version of everyone’s favorite hot treat features a spongey, flesh-colored substance with an interesting center hole. Instead of a packet of “flavor” you get a packet of “Gently Acid lotion” (lube, perhaps?). The bottom line, you can fuck this “Cup Nude” with your penis. No free porn necessary.

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