Peyronie’s: Not quite as fun as Peyote…

If you have nicknamed your dick Gonzo, you might have a condition called Peyronie’s disease. The exact cause is unknown, but it may relate to an injury one might have sustained. The condition starts out inflamed and may immediately develop into scar tissue, or symptoms could occur gradually. This causes the bend in the penis during erections. It can happen at any time in life, from childhood to adulthood. It can be very uncomfortable and cause pain during sex. Doctors may operate if it is interfering with intercourse or causing you a great deal of pain and discomfort. It can severely damage your penis and make it worse, not better.

Some women may be more satisfied, given the reach your bent cock can have for her pussy’s g-spot. You could use that to your advantage and make some free porn at home! While high doses of vitamin E along with various drugs have had been used as treatments, their success rates have been inconclusive. Surgery is an option, but is highly dangerous and can in fact make the condition worse. In some cases, within a year or two, the condition may correct itself; this is typically how long a physician will wait before recommending surgical intervention. There are two types of surgery used to correct this. One method is removal of the affected tissue and placing a patch of skin or artificial material to the area, which may lead to a partial loss of erectile function. The other method is to remove tissue from the opposite side of the penis from the plaque, which will balance out the bending effect, but usually results in shorter erections. There is also a method that involves an implant which straightens the penis by increasing rigidity.

If you are afflicted with this condition, it is important to recognize that while your genitals are atypical, surgery should always be your last option. Your primary priority should be finding someone who loves your dick. if you find someone you love who is into your dick, still craves the satisfaction she feels with a straight dick, you can always use sex toys. you can fill that need with a dildo or vibrator. and also give her that kind of fucking she can’t get with anyone else from your bent dick.

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