How To Make Your Own Sex Tape

Sex tapes are so incredibly common-place these days that it seems almost natural to venture out and create your own. Not only will it give you and your partner something to look back on when you can no longer perform without Viagra, but it could potentially lead your way into fame. Just look at what it did for Kim Kardashian!

Creating a quality sex tape can be tricky. While amateur free porn has its moments, you don’t want to cringe when watching it back. For those brave enough to try, here are a few tips that will ensure your video is more “Pam & Tommy” than Dustin Diamond.

1. Know Your Co-Star: Don’t go around bars trying to find a slut with a passion for acting. Fucking a random, or even your current girlfriend could lead to future problems. Despite being what launched her career, I’m sure Kim Kardashian wasn’t too thrilled when her ex released their sex tape for all to see. Also, be sure to set up some ground rules. Determine who gets to keep the tape and what would happen if you two were to split up. You want to make sure you are saving your ass from future humiliation.

2. Chose Your Backdrop: Make sure you don’t just plop a camera down in your messy bedroom and call it a day. If for any reason the tape is released, you want to make sure you have a decent setting to work with. Change your sheets, light some candles and make sure you’re not wearing your boxers from ten years ago. It’s unsightly.

3. Anticipate Close-Ups – While simply leaving your camera in one spot and having the freedom to use both hands is always nice, it’s also incredibly boring. Work with different angles and take turns actually holding the camera. Act natural and avoid posing like an amateur porn star. You can even go as far as editing out unexciting scenes or any embarrassing moments like cumming too soon. That’s the wonder of film, by combining scenes you can make yourself look like a sex god.

4. Warm Up – Having a shot can really help to ease up your nerves. Turning into a sloppy drunk with a camera however, might get your sex tape into Fail Blog.

5. Keep it Under Wraps – Once your masterpiece is complete, the next step is to hide it as well as you possibly can. Do not make copies or show your friends, unless you are brave enough to make it public. The safest way would be to just watch it once and delete it. Trust me on this one.

If for whatever reason you and your partner break up, get rid of the tape as soon as possible. You don’t want to be caught off-guard when your bitter girlfriend ships it off to your parents. If you must, keep one copy (and one copy only!) and destroy the evidence before it comes back to bite you in the ass.

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