Top Ten Places to have Hot Sex

Lets do a count down of the top ten places all over the world where the night life and the open minded attitudes contribute to great sex!

Number 10 is Berlin, Germany. If you’re an S&M kinda of person, book you’re flight because it’s all the rage in Berlin, one of the world’s most fetish-friendly cities. Berlin is full of clubs where you can have sex and the famous KitKat club will cater to all your fetish needs. And if you don’t own a pair a handcuffs or a leather mask don’t worry, in Berlin prostitution is legal everywhere. So there is something for everybody in this city!

Number 9 is Macau, China. Besides the fact that city brings in twice the revenue of Las Vegas, the girls are well ready to help you get luckier as the night goes on. Though the prostitution laws are contradicting, hooking is practiced more and more in the open. Large fortunes being won quickly and beautiful girls are everywhere.

Number 8 is Manama, Bahrain – the party city of the Middle East. Outside Saudi Arabia, Manama is popular location for Saudis to kick it free from restricting laws. This city is known to party hard with outrageous clubs.

Number 7 is New Orleans, Louisiana. Mardi Gras is where tits and bead jewelry come together in one hectic and sinful festival. You can find strip joints, porn shops and bars that satisfy all appetites. Though prostitution is illegal, it’s widely accepted since the city still advertises local attractions like live sex shows and painting the girl of your choice.

Number 6 is Moscow, Russia. What happens in Moscow should really stay in Moscow. Moscow is city that thrives off insane night life – every type of music is available from hardcore techno to rock to trance.You can pay your way out of porn fines with mere rubles and you can continue rock on through the night.

Number 5 is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Besides the numerous topless beaches crowed with big titted women, Rio de Janeiro is known for legal brothels with a menu of services. Enjoy dinner and a show!

Number 4 is Las Vegas, Nevada. Navada boasts an industry built on sex, sin and overindulgence. Besides the constant gambling there are fancy escort services – and if that isn’t enough, take a stroll along the strip and you’ll find sex shows at strip clubs or even at well known casinos.

Number 3 is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The international destination to get high, with an endless chain of cannabis cafes. After a relaxing session, try heading down to the red light district and letting your freaky fetishes free.

Number 2 is Tijuana, Mexico. Where the drinking age drops to 18 and illegal prostitution is now legally accepted in its own quarters called ” La Coahuila” this city is a hotbed for the freaky and the sinful. Public sex shows are secretly known to be a regular occurrence – just keep you’re head when the police do stroll the streets.

And finally our Number 1 spot to have hot sex is Pattaya Thailand. Thailand is known for message parlors and go-go bars full of transsexuals, and Pattaya is know for wild party nights. Going out for walk on the beach, be wary of hookers who will be hungary for you and pull you in. The best part is you can do it all over again then next night since partying in Pattaya is different every night.

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