Memorable Boners

We all have memorable moments in our lives. A first kiss, an unforgettable vacation, getting married, and the list goes on. Under that same category, we can now add boners to the list. That’s right, boners. Despite being pretty much consistent throughout a mans’ life, certain erections are in fact better than others. Here is a list of six unforgettable hard-on moments:

1. The First Boner – The first boner comes at a time when you are still not quite sure as to what it even means. While you probably can’t remember the actual first time you noticed your penis express a mind of its own, you will certainly remember the first time you did something about it. That is exactly what I’m referring to here.

2. The Public Boner – We’ve all had a school boner at least once in our lives. In fact, we probably didn’t notice it until everybody else did. In those times, all we could do was to place books over it strategically like we were in a free porn movie. Unlike our first point, this public boner could not be dealt it – and for that, you’ll never forget it.

3. The Sex Boner – This one is a given. The first time a girl notices your boner and proceeds to awkwardly stare at it before finally touching it, just to see what happens. The next step is losing your virginity to a girl you’ll probably avoid for the next month or so.

4. The Dream Boner – Often known as a ‘wet dream’, this type of boner is unforgettable due to how badly you wanted sex after waking from it. It’s almost scary until you think back to your dream of Brazilian supermodels in your bed.

5. The Viagra Boner – Perhaps most of you have yet to experience this mature form of boner but when you do, you won’t soon forget it. Once a boner becomes a luxury, you will be quick to pop these babies like they are candy. In which case, have fun with it – for it will probably be the last memorable erection you’ll ever have.

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