Study Unveils Sexual Problems Amongst the French

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? Non.

For those who thought the French made great lovers, think again. A recent study discovered that over 76% of French people are being affected by sexual problems. One third of French couples were also reported to having less than stellar sex lives while half of the people surveyed admitted to having no desire to have sex. These non starters often use headaches, stress, tiredness and even their children as an excuse.

A big cause for concern stems from the fact that the less sex you have, the less you will crave it. Prolonged periods of abstinence can lead to male impotence and result in hostility and aggressive behavior. At the same time, women can start to feel less desirable and become depressed. Surely a recipe for disaster, and possibly divorce.

As a result, a national campaign was started by sexual health clinics featuring mobile advice centers that provide advice and counseling to those in need. Whether or not these programs will actually fix such a vast problem is uncertain, but initiatives like these could serve as stepping stones in restoring Frances’ original romantic allure. Perhaps something as simple as some free porn would help?

Funnily enough, a survey taken six months ago found that 40% of French men found themselves to be the most intelligent, funniest and greatest lovers in Europe. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

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