It’s Not You, It’s Your Underwear!

The average straight guy doesn’t think twice when putting on underwear, he either picks up whatever’s clean or goes commando. Let’s hope you’re the type of guy that does his laundry regularly, because going commando should be left to the swimsuit!

Did you ever go out with a girl on a date and get her back to your place or hers and start some heavy foreplay? Soon, you’re in the bedroom and she begins to undress you, noticing your Spondgebob Squarepants underwear, with a hole! If she’s not totally disgusted she will politely wrap things up and say she needs to get up early, or suggest the two of you just take things a little slower. You leave wondering what happened, and not even realize your underwear were a total deal-breaker. Every guy needs to understand the significance their underwear when playing the dating game with women.

Don’t Scare Her Away

When you go for a job interview, you make sure all the essentials are in order: clean crisp shirt, wrinkle-free suit, polished shoes. Because, lets face it, your appearance informs your potential boss or the girl your planning to hook up with a lot about yourself. If you find yourself owning a pair of holed up undies you’ve kept for years, get rid of them. Period. Your underwear is your sex life business card, it has all your vitals for future contact! The wrong pair of underwear can easily turn off a girl. It’s important to look good and wear the right clothes, and just as important to have the right underwear.

The Lucky Pair

Every guy has a lucky pair of something, and that could include a pair of lucky underwear. If you’re the type of guy that still has his lucky pair or undies from high school and think wearing them on your hot date will get you lucky, think again. There’s nothing more of a turn off to any girl than to see her hot date in ratty-holed underwear with the elastic stretched out. A sight like that would leave her running for the door.  Get rid of your lucky skivvies.  They’re not getting you lucky anytime soon.

Think About Her Feelings…

When you purchase a pair of underwear, it should look and feel good. Not only will they be rubbing against you all day, eventually your girlfriend will rub up against them, and you want her to be turned on! A good rule to follow would be to assess whether or not the material could be worn as a piece of clothing. If the material looks good out there, it’s just fine downtown. Otherwise, the girl your trying to bang might get itchy or irritated by your underwear and that’s a definite mood kill. So consider her feelings the next time you put on a pair of undies for your next date.

Are You a Funny Guy?

Try to avoid buying quirky or novelty underwear. The last thing you want her to do when pulling your pants off is laugh. And even though it may be your underwear she’s laughing at, the fact you own such a pair suggests you have the mentality of a four year old! Also, avoid huge labels that stream across the waistband, you don’t want it looking like a billboard and overlook your package. Keep things simple and clean-lined, it shows you have taste.

No Tighty Whities!

If you need more clarification, lets just say the tighty whities for guys are the equivalent to grannie panties for women. If you want to get the girl you’re about to bang thinking your hot shit and not a little kid, ditch the whities! Ask any girl which cut of underwear they most detest; many will show their distaste for tighty whities.

Keep It Simple

Don’t get overly creative and think the underwear will se the mood. Being overly flamboyant with your choice could send the wrong messages. Avoid thongs, g-strings, anything backless or with embellishments. If your underwear looks like something you can hang on a christmas tree or floss with your teeth with, get rid of them!

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