How to buy sex toys.

If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are probably interested in learning a bit more about how to shop for sex toys. No matter your comfort level, regarding shopping and researching sex toys, it is important to remember to have fun! Read on for tips and tricks on how to make your first sex toy shopping experience a positive one.

Don’t Go Alone

Browsing through the aisles of your local sex shop, can be a little intimidating depending on what you’re looking for. Taking a partner or friend, can help the experience become a bit more exciting and comfortable. Also, getting a woman’s point of you can be helpful with some questions you may have. You may even find some new ideas to try out in the bedroom.

Ask Questions

If you were shopping for your favorite tech gadget, you would probably be inclined to ask a few questions to get a quality purchase that will suit your needs. The process is no different in a sex shop, so don’t mind the guy that smells like day old fish tacos that is looking at anal beads. The clerk ismore likely to help you out instead of answering the creeps strange questions such as “How long can you keep one of these in you?”

The people working at the shop are knowledgeable and hopefully professional. You will likely have better luck at a larger store, where the help is usually a hot young bitch who knows all to much about the pressure of those penis pumps. Make sure you ask about quality, and return policies. Toys sold at a sex shop can often be pricey, many aimed at first time buyers who will buy less well-made toys.

Have A Laugh

If you tend to be a nervous person, try and lighten up a bit. After all, being surrounded by some magnificently ridiculous toys can be a laughable experience. Go check out some of the most humorous toys, they will be sure to make you wonder what they could be used for. Remember that you are likely less eclectic than the drag queen looking for a strap on for her post op transsexual girlfriend.

Go At A Quiet Time

As mentioned before, sometimes being in a crowded sex shop can be interesting, but also maybe intimidating. To avoid those creepy cheese-smelling folks, go at a time when it will be quiet. Low traffic times will not only allow you to browse un-pressured, but also allow you to ask questions to clerks who are likely bored out of their skull.

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