From The Waist Up: The Top 5 Celebrity Butterfaces.

Butterface: you know the term – used when everything’s great about a woman “but her face.” This type of girl is alternately known as a brown paper bagger, or the kind of girl you’d fuck with the lights out. Butterfaced ladies are a universal phenomena, and often disappoint when discovered from behind upon turning around. Don’t be fooled, butterfaces are everywhere – Internet porn, the music industry and even Hollywood. So let’s take a look at the top 5 starlets with this affliction!

# 5 Hilary Swank:

Known for winning an Oscar for playing a man in the movie Boys Don’t Cry, Swank’s award pedigree really says it all. She looks more like a horse than a man these days, but one thing Swank’s never lost is her smoking body. Sex anyone? Yes, please!

#4 April Scott:

April owns the hottest body on our list. Big fake tits, killer abs and a great ass are offset by the fact that you’d be hard pressed to pretend you wanted to kiss her. That’s ok though, she’s relegated to the D-list and over the shoulder head shots in soft light these days.

# 3 Haylie Duff:

Haylie wouldn’t even be in this conversation if her younger, and infinitely better looking sister Hilary hadn’t become a star. Haylie isn’t as talented, and has a nose that resembles a ski slope, but she does have the better body. We bet she’s better in bed when the lights are out too.

#2 Tori Spelling:

The current Beverly Hills 90210 star got her television break due to the fact that her father was a big-time producer. It’s not hard to tell that she wouldn’t have made it on her own – we love Tori’s surgically enhanced body, and would shag her silly, but someone would have to keep her fish lips away from ours!

#1 Fergie:

The Black Eyed Peas singer is almost single-handedly responsible for the renewed popularity of the group with her rock hard abs and big voice. However, she could have doubled for Hilary Swank in Boys Don’t Cry, and has the face of a 67 year old truck driver. Wait, are those tire tracks?

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