Think She’s Out of Your League, Think Again!

Who doesn’t want to be the guy that gets the hot girls, making your friends jealous?

Every guy wants to know that he’s able to get any girl he wants, even if she’s out of his league. The only problem is, when you finally have the chance to talk to a hot girl you stumble over your words or maybe even freeze and draw a blank. Soon, you realize she is off on her way leaving you dateless and alone.

The truth is, any guy can get any girl he wants and not feel out of the loop, or discouraged by thinking your not ‘her type.’ Have you noticed how some guys who seem like ‘losers’ somehow manage to land a hot girl, and you wonder ‘How’d he get her?’ Take into consideration the following tips that will guarantee a better chance landing a date with the next hot girl you meet.

1. Attraction is Not a Choice

Interesting fact, and it’s true! Woman do not control who they are attracted to. It’s a feeling that is developed within and cannot be controlled. In other words guys, it’s time for you to start learning how to initiate an attraction with the hot girl in the office by understanding what turns most woman on. The fact of the matter is, woman don’t particularize what they find attractive about a guy, they’re either attracted to the guy or not.

2. Don’t Oversell Yourself

If you think you can convince a hot girl to like you, you’ve been misinformed. Did you ever find yourself in a similar situation where you persisted on a girl to go out with you by telling her how good you are for her, mistaking desperation for charm? Well, even if you do end up getting the girl to go out with you, there is a slight chance its for the right reasons. Furthermore, the girl is probably doing it to get you off her back, and probably doesn’t see you as a possible boyfriend for her.

3. It’s All About Body Language

Displaying the right body language at the right time can make or break your chances when scoping out a hot girl. The right body language should be subtle and can be very effective if done properly, triggering a response from the right girl.

Be sure to stand up straight, good posture tells her your confident and secure enough to be seen and noticed. If your talking to a woman, stand close to her, close enough to maybe catch the scent of her perfume. With the right body language, you can say goodbye to cheesy pick up lines or any other dating gimmicks that don’t work. Be sure

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