Hooking Up On Vacation.

So, you and your buddies made a plan to go on a wild vacation with just the guys. Whether you’re heading to a sunny resort, luxurious cruise, or just backpacking, you probably want to hook up with as many amazing girls possible. There is no better way to relax and let loose than to have sex with a hot stranger your probably never going to see again. If you want a hot hook up with a sexy girl on your next vacation, pay close attention to the following tips guaranteed to help you score.


A resort is the perfect vacation spot, if you’re not much of an explorer and you prefer to lay out in the sun and catch come rays. The best place to meet girls is by the pool, since your guaranteed to catch a row of hotties tanning by the pool, or along the beach. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your physical assets, in exchange for some special attention from that hottie in the bikini. Let’s face it, people go to the beach for three reasons: to get checked out, to check out people, and hook up! If your the type of guy that doesn’t go to the gym and you’re sporting a beer belly, you might want to wait till the sun goes down, put on your best shirt and hit the clubs or hotel bars, in search for some single ladies.


For some people a cruise could be the perfect exotic getaway to various locations, all in one trip! On the other hand, a cruise could be a luxurious death sentence if you tend to get seasick or don’t like the idea of being trapped on a boat. There are endless possibilities for guys who want to hook up on a cruise with a hot girl. The perfect place to meet a girl would be to check out the recreational facilities like the gym or activities room. While in between destinations, there’s not a whole lot to see on a cruise and people are either working out or lying by the pool. The only downfall when vacationing on a cruise boat would be the lack of freedom you’re given to play the field. A perfect example would be hooking up with a girl you plan to never see again, only to continuously run into her throughout your trip! Another negative would be getting trapped on a boat with a bunch of uglies.


If your planning to go on a backpacking trip across wherever, make sure you pack a lot of extra underwear. Also, if you plan on staying in various hostels throughout your trip, find a good group of people to tag along with, it makes the trip more enjoyable getting to know new people who are traveling in the same place. Hostels are also a great place to meet girls to possibly hook up with. If you’re in a foreign country, I’m sure you know by now girls love foreign guys and many will probably first ask ‘where are you from’, which is a perfect way to start up a conversation. The beauty about the hook up while backpacking is your guaranteed to not see what’s her name ever again!

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