Dina Lohan on the Today Show.

So Dina Lohan apparently has a big dish session planned tomorrow with the “Today Show” host Matt Lauer who, when he isn’t interviewing the idiot mother of idiot celebrities whirlwind wastes of space, actually tries to take part in “journalism.” Career move! Well, Dina (firstly I know we are all used to hearing about her now but… really, who the hell is named Dina? Is she from the fucking Flintstones? /rant) is a bit of a leech isn’t she? Anytime I start to wonder about how Little Lilo went from budding child actress to absolute black hole of healthy human behavior, I remember to stop for a moment and take a look at her parents. Here is mommy, ready to go on “The Today Show” to spill the beans on her daughter’s turbulent personal life as if it is all about her. The general population seems pretty disgusted with Dina Lohan and readers generally want to lash out with their comments, but remember folks, if you want to get to Dina, calling her a bad person or a horrible mother aren’t going to sting with this woman. What you need to do is tell her she isn’t hot, and maybe tell her that no one knows who she is: instant tears.

It’s only a matter of time until both of Lilo’s lady relatives end up in a sex tape or prison cell of their own. Lindsay’s tits are already part of the public domain but what amount mommy Lohan? I am sure that Ali’s will be soon, underage and all. It’s sick, but the girl is clearly a slut in training. Despite all the hate, you still have to hope she pulls out of the tailspin. It’s possible. Think back to a young Angelina Jolie, or Drew Barrymore… not such lovely ladies once upon a time! So, there is still hope.

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