The Key To Reaching Your Own Sexual Nirvana.

The term “massage” is often whispered when sex is discussed – however it’s normally considered a prelude to sex rather than an experience than can transform your sex life into a veritable Nivana. This is a grossly unfair stereotype that we’re interested in changing. If you’d like your bedroom to smell like teen spirit once you’ve finished fucking your partner, read on for our tips to making massage a regular part of a transcendent sex life.

#1 Begin with touch: There’s nothing more underrated in sexual intercourse than touch. Foreplay begins and ends with the fingertips, and there’s so much you can do with various types of pressure and compressions. Make sure that you don’t neglect any part of your partner’s body: calves, arms, neck, buttocks – not just the back – are sexually erogenous zones. Besides, touch gets the blood flowing!

#2 Start with massage, end with sex: So how do you start with massage and end up having hot sex? It’s a process that takes time and patience. Don’t rush the sexual element of massage, let it build and you’ll find that you’re both aching for a hot fuck once you’ve been working at your partners muscles for a while. For example, slide your hand between your partner’s thighs once and a while and linger – however, don’t overstay your welcome. Tease just long enough and move on to other erogenous zones to achieve the foreplay you desire.

#3 Don’t forget massage once the sex starts: Never ignore what brought you to the party. There are ways to touch your partner that are massage-like that will contribute to better sex. Don’t be afraid to apply pressure with touch, or to run your hands along your partner’s back while fucking. Not only will massage help you relieve stress, but it will help stimulate more sexual interaction by making the experience pleasurable for both partners!

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