Lady Gaga Shows Us Her Girly Bits.

Lady Gaga knows how to put on a show, and get the crowd excited!! On August 6th in Chicago, the first day of Lollapalooza 2010, Lady Gaga performed with Semi Precious Weapons. While on stage Gaga wore a revealing fishnet outfit complete with glitter panties under fishnetstockings. On top she had tape covering her nipples with a fishnet top. Let’s just say Gaga didn’t leave anything to the imagination, and if you had a seat closer to the stage you had a full close up of Gaga’s breasts!!

Gaga originally showed up at the Semi Precious Weapons show to check things out, being the Semi Precious fan she is. Gaga then hopped on stage and chilled in the background rocking out with the drummer and even chiming in on the vocals, belting and screaming with the band. Semi Precious Weapons front man Justin Tranter recalls:

“She came to watch us perform. She stood on the side of the stage, and then during the song ‘Magnetic Baby,’ she started playing drums with Dan [Crean]. Then she started singing backup vocals, then her and I made out, and then she stage-dove and then I joined her while she stage-dove. And then we made out while stage-diving. And then she left.”

Are you the least bit surprised? This is typical Gaga behavior, and I have to admit I’m digging the new rocked out coke whore look with the fishnets and showing off the ga-gas. Watch the video if you want to check out Gaga’s raunchy expose in her fishnets and see the many screaming fans grabbing at her. Some people seem to be getting a little too friendly. Enjoy!

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