iPhone users whores?

According to mashable dating site Ok Cupid is reporting that among its subscribers, users who have iPhones report the highest sex partners. Droid owners report the lowest, and modest Blackberry users are somewhere in the middle. Let’s take a look at possible reasons for this interesting analysis behind consumers, and their relative ability to pick up some fresh meat on saturday night.

The site was able to compile the results, by looking at the hidden data in the images that users uploaded as profile poctures to see which cameras were used to take them – including smartphones. Many of the site’s fanbase had completed personality tests such as “The dating persona Test” or ” The slut test”. These tests had asked for the number of sexual partners, the site was then able to cross reference results from both studies.

Looking further into the bizarre results, some interesting reasons could be drawn. Steve Jobs has in the past, rigorously worked to protect his iPhone devices from Porn apps, and other formats aimed at the tech gadget. Could it be that because iPhone users are significantly less adept to porn on the phone, and are then indirectly caused to seek sex in other places besides playing 8-ball in the washroom stall?

It could also be possible that people who adopt new technologies are also more likely to seek sexual partners for the novelty. Hip new communications devices are adopted by people who are trying to be hip and new. Maybe iPhones make people more attractive and act as tractor beams for new sexual partners. Perhaps I should get a new t shirt saying “I loved my partners before they got iPhones”.

It is unknown why Droid users are among the least likely to have sexual partners. Who knows, maybe its the fact that most people aren’t as likely to have sex with someone whose phone refers to a robot, not necessarily a funky fresh fashion accessory.

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