Boob Jobs Gone Wrong.

A boob job is nothing out of the ordinary. Bigger or smaller, everybody seems to be getting something done to their breasts, regardless of celebrity status! Although, celebrities don’t always know best when it comes to boob jobs and the proof is in the pictures. Take a look at these Hollywood boob jobs gone wrong, and you be the judge, good or gone bad!!

Victoria Beckham

Well, they certainly catch your attention, and I’m sure Victoria’s coconut shells got her out of many speeding tickets!!! Too unnatural, they look like they would hurt!

Susan Ward

Wild Things 2 star Susan Ward is looking a little lopsided on the right!! She better put her millions towards a better plastic surgeon.

Tori Spelling

There are so many other things Tori could have had done to herself, but for some reason she went for a boob job. Those melons defiantly look genetically modified, and I prefer organic!!

Tara Reid

Last year Tar’s botched boob job was all over the tabloids, and this image accompanied many of those headlines. At least Tara admits to having bad surgery done and if she could use it to get publicity, even better for her!

Janet Jackson

It’s debatable whether of not Janet Jackson had a boob job. On the other hand, this photo doesn’t support any of those claims that she didn’t, showing her right boob which seems to be rock hard with the skin around it sagging.

Ivanka Trump

I thought Ivanka Trump was a smart woman, who made good choices and rational decisions. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case when looking at this photo, it’s obvious she had work done; her right breast is larger than the other.

Vivica A. Fox

When I saw this picture I had to take a closer look, and when I realized it was a dent on Vivica’s right breast, I was officially turned off! I’m still a Vivica fan!!!


Wow, this is bad!!

Donatella Versace

There is something very, very wrong about this picture. I can’t seem to put it in words, but when it comes to me, I’ll be sure to inform you. In the meantime I’m speechless!

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