Naked Kelly a ‘Roadside Hazzard’ ?!?!

Is it true, could model Kelly Brook’s naked body be dangerous for drivers!!! Well that seems to be the case for Kelly, who recently posed for Reebok nude and was displayed on a forty foot billboard, roadside. In the ad, Kelly is photographed naked wearing Reebok trainers, laying forward covering her breasts while kicking her feet in the air. The nearly nude Reebok ad was launched this week across the UK at busy traffic spots, and safety campaigners are complaining, calling the advertisement a ‘deadly distraction’.

It seems the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) agree, suggesting the nude Kelly to be a fatal risk for male drivers who might find themselves distracted looking at the ad instead of the road. The head of IAM, Peter Rodger recalls a similar incident involving a Wonderbra ad:

“The fact that most men remember the ‘Hello Boys’ advert for Wonderbra indicates how distracting roadside advertisements can be.”

Apparently, when the Wonderbra ad was released, a series of car accidents occurred, by men who claim to have been distracted by the racy underwear model depicted in the ad. Putting negative reviews aside, the ad is smoking hot and depicts Kelly as a brunette beauty!! On being the new face of Reebok Kelly said:

“I’m so excited to finally have my own billboard, it was really fun creating the shot and Reebok Easy Tones defiantly got my bum ready for the occasion!”

And we are excited for you and your bum!! Here are some pictures of Kelly posing in front of her ad, and she is beautiful!!

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