Justin Beiber & Kim Kardashian Photo Shoot

Elle magazine has a new and understandably controversial spread in their new issue soon to hit stands. Sexy star Kim Kardashian is seen posing with Justin Beiber in some bizarre photos.

It’s unknown as to what these photo’s are supposed to be documenting. Are they an odd expose on the sexualization of children in mainstream culture? Maybe they are evidence of the problem itself. In several photo’s Beiber is seen taking part in activities that would likely be included in some cheesy celebrity couples photo shoot.

While Justin Beiber is technically legal to have consensual sex, it’s strange that the spread is more or less testing the viewers moral ground. As Kardashian is flaunting her curves, Beiber is understandably torn. Probably because his balls haven’t dropped and he’s actually just really confused as to what the fuck is going on.

We all know Kim Kardashian is a fame hungry whore whom could suck a golf ball through a garden house. Is it some twisted thought of hers that this is art? Shame on you Ms. Tits for being so ruthless of a person that you subject the rest of us to your shameless self promotion. As for you little Beib, though this photo shoot is incredibly badass and slightly off-putting, you might as well just filmed a pg porno with Kim. Is that possible? Oh wait, now it makes sense. It’s all a metaphor. While you bite that flower and Kim looks at the camera like she just made you get a chubby for the first time, you’re really just trying to imagine what it would be like to use and abuse that slew bag aren’t you.

Well don’t be surprised if Hollywood brainwashes Justin to the extent that he’s turned into a whore hound, with some serious bondage fetish. Be less surprised when Kardashian reveals she is bankrupt and the only way to revive her career is to produce a remake of The Graduate with baby Beiber. Anyone care for cocktail weenies, served straight from the fiery pits of hell.

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  1. Travel Guides Says:

    what goes up, should come down?

  2. High Interest Savings Says:

    well that is certainly some insane stuff

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