Alleged Mel Gibson Mistress Violet Kowal Hires Attorney Gloria Allred.

Violet KowalIt’s been a rough year for Mel Gibson. Amid reports of racism and domestic violence towards his wife Oksana Grigorieva, now comes the revelation that his alleged mistress, Violet Kowal, has hired high profile attorney Gloria Allred. Allred is best known for representing other celebrity mistresses including Tiger’s Woods’ galpal Rachel Uchitel and Jesse James’ tattooed skank Michelle “Bombsell” McGee. While it’s not immediately known what Kowal has hired Allred to accomplish, Mel Gibson better watch out – thus far it’s been the year of mistresses and it doesn’t look like their luck is going to run out anytime soon!

Kowal, a polish fitness model, has specifically alleged that she had a sexual relationship with Gibson while his wife Oksana Grigorieva was preganant. For his part, Gibson has denied the allegations. While his denial is understandable, it says here that copping to fucking a smoking hot fitness model might not be a bad thing for Mel at this point, in fact it might boost his reputation in circles where sex with hot women is still at a premium.

Of course, Mel’s sex scandal prompts us to ask: how bad a year has it really been for Gibson? After all, he’s been balls deep in both Oksana and Violet, a hot blonde and a hot brunette, begging the question – when will a redhead come out of the woodwork? Often, in cases of infidelity, the more than one mistress is involved. Take Tiger Woods, for example – he played a full 18 holes outside of marriage.

Violet KowalWoods is also a prime reason why Allred’s involvement with Violet Kowal should worry Gibson. It’s been reported that he paid Rachel Uchitel 10 million dollars to keep her mouth shut, which hardly seems worth it since we already know he had sex with her. That kind of money makes you wonder what else Tiger has to hide, and if Mel has similar demons that he’d like to keep in his closet.

To promote her signing with Gloria Allred, Kowal celebrated in style by having a night out on the town with none other than Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. The two looked hot in tight black dresses, and McGee’s tattooed tits were as high profile as her affair with Jesse James. At this point, all we need is a sex tape and the mistress coup will be complete! Count us in as members of team celebrity fuck!

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