Katie Price at new book signing.

It came as no surprise that world-renowned rocket scientist and sometimes glamour model is releasing a book full of life lessons and personal philosophies. Due to the serious nature of the book, she kept a unusually low-key presence at her book opening.  Clearly she feels her artistic efforts should outshine her gigantic tits. Any self respecting writer has to make sacrifices for their work.

Can you sense that sarcasm? Of course, pin up girl Katie Price felt it was necessary to flop a tit out her neck hole at her recent book signing.  Hundreds of people have lined the streets around Lincoln’s Cornhill to catch a glimpse of them. Her fans queued patiently outside W H Smith, with one couple from Louth arriving at 4am to secure their place at the front of the queue. Fans were likely made up of primarily overweight perv’s and gawky teenagers, whom were all very excited to get there hands on Katie Price’s uh, book.

Katie Price told BBC Lincolnshire:

“I love doing the book tours and meeting the fans, people are used to me now, and know that I will stay and sign every single person’s book.”

Katie Price has been in the city to sign copies of her new book, Paradise. It will surely be a masterpiece wrapped in mind-blowing revelations shared with us lucky earthlings, to better our daily lives. If your asking; How can I find a woman who dresses like Katie with those incredible hair extensions, painted on eyebrows and massive tits? Your best bet is to pick up and imprison an LA prostitute in your nearby public library. Wait several years before her release, and she might just come out a literary genius, more likely though, she’ll be found in the back of the library in the atlas section giving patrons head for computer time. That shit’s more precious than gold.

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  1. milsorgen Says:

    I hate Katie Price more than Satan!

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