Free Sex

Although we seem to put a money value on everything these days-we buy water, of all things!-some things come cheap, even free. There is a faction of the public, and a growing one at that, that believes all content should be free, especially anything offered on the Internet; a sharing mentality that was first presented, then further emboldened by the file-sharing of music. Pornography falls into this category, much to the chagrin of its creators, as they try and chase the tail of pirated free sex images, galleries and movies all for the having just a mouse-click away. Any business, even the sex industry, has to stay ahead of its customers these days.

Free Sex

Free Sex

While the world wide net might offer free sex (albeit not real sex), in our actual day-to-day existences sex isn’t so free. As many a single hetero guy is want to bemoan, there is no free sex seeing how much money, time and attention he could potentially be spent wooing a new, hope-to-bed sexual partner. Many men see a high tariff spent for even the chance to have a woman even consider them for sex, let alone get in their bed. Free sex, should not be confused with that 60’s axiom of free love. Whether an overly cynical view or not, the simple truth is, payment can take so many forms and sex is as much a community, in the professional sense or between two people.Nothing is certain but death and taxes and the price we all pay for sex. Pay with our time, our hearts, desires and at times our dignity. The acquiring of it sex, deciphering its mysteries and the constantly updated, ever-more intense portrayal of it is so prevalent in our minds, hearts and culture. It’s the ultimate quandary of supply and demand, free verses pay, where our adult need for affection, mental stimulation and even friction so overrides even our best judgment we are willing to pay any coin to acquire it; it’s no surprise that prostitution has always been a profitable sex might be, like the clichÈ’ allusive happiness, impossible to find.

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  1. Rutha Flagg Says:

    Would love her a long time, if I just could!

  2. free beauty samples Says:

    I hear ya too. They were the best.

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